Ready to change the world?

We're always on the lookout for brilliant minds, entrepreneurial experts and ambitious forces. This is to the bold ones!

Ready to change the world?

We're always on the lookout for brilliant minds, entrepreneurial experts and ambitious forces. This is to the bold ones!

Ready to change the world?

We're always on the lookout for brilliant minds, entrepreneurial experts and ambitious forces. This is to the bold ones!


We deeply believe: "It’s better to have a conversation." Conversations are a human superpower that create trust, shape relationships and avoid misunderstandings. In life, as in commerce. Between people, as well as between consumers and companies. Let's talk?


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“Humanize commerce by driving ever more valuable conversations”

Customer success is the key growth driver for modern SaaS businesses – and this is also how it is at charles. We build client relationships based on trust, to become world’s leading experts in conversational marketing and commerce. Our clients, Europe’s most innovative ecommerce and direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands, are at the center of everything we do. This is reflected in our 6 core responsibilities: Earn Trust, Onboard, Steer, Grow, Unblock and Improve Product.


Damian Minski, Success Director

"Sell chat as a revenue stream!"

You don't take no for an answer and "average," isn't part of your vocabulary. As the first point of contact for prospective. clients, you passionately share our vision, communicate how charles can help them with their business goals and inspire with the right use cases to ensure future success. When you hear the bell you don't immediately think of church and ABC is not just to do with the alphabet. You like the idea of going to the Olympics, but for now you're happy getting on the podium with the team every day!


Christopher Schubert, Sales Director

“Build an intuitive and scalable product”

Our vision is to deliver value to the customer by creating, maintaining and operating the charles product services.

Customers and investors can be equally confident in the quality of our product, the technological excellence of the services we provide, and the talent, sustainability and diversity of the Tech team.


Robert Lindstädt, CTO

"Success = # contacts x # conversations x value/conversation"

We help brands build personalized and engaging customer journeys in our conversation-first solution. How? By combining customer experience and workflow management across use cases. Our value lies in the formula above: continuously optimizing the number of people we connect, the conversations they have and the value of this to both them and our clients.


Andreas Tussing, Co-CEO

"Make your ideas a reality"

Our talented team of designers, concepters, copywriters and performance marketers work hard to keep charles top of the notch. We're never satisfied with the status quo and this opens up new possibilities and challenges. We're efficient, serious and playful – and have fun while trying things out.

We live our brand idea: continuously going the extra mile to turn what's good into what's great.


Etienne Kiefer, CCO

“Build meaningful relationships, both on- and offline”

Creativity and an entrepreneurial mindset are what drive us at charles. Our people department is dedicated to employees: building long-lasting relationships and encouraging everyone to have open conversations with each other.
Our mission is to support employee goals, work through challenges, and help charles grow and improve – through the power of on- and offline conversations.


Theresa Härtwig, HR Manager


We deeply believe that "It’s better to have a conversation". This is why our people team will look after you from when you submit your application and throughout the whole process.

What does the interview process look like?

You will first have a screening call with our Talent team for around 30-45mins, to get to know Charles and for us to know more about you.

The next call, when successful, will be with the hiring manager of the position.

Our process does vary depending on the role and seniority but you will always get briefed of all the steps in your first call with us.

Who can I turn to if I have questions throughout the interview process?

At charles, we appreciate curious mindsets, therefore our talent team is more than happy to answer any questions that might come up during the process.

How long is the interview process usually?

We aim to move as fast as we can. However, sometimes life gets in the way and therefore the length of the process might vary.

Where can I find out more about charles before the interview?

Our website offers a great array of information, podcasts, news articles. You can also have a look around our LinkedIn page, offering you more content.

Will there be a test or presentation?

Depending on the nature of the position, we might ask you to go through a small task or case related to the role you applied for.

I need a working visa / bluecard, does charles support me in obtaining or renewing this?

Yes, our People team will help you 🙂

How does the onboarding work at charles?

We pride ourselves with our extensive onboarding, starting with a three day companywide focused introduction. Afterwards you are starting in your team, continuing your departmental onboarding. During this time, you will meet our founders and the rest of the C-Level and management team.

Our onboarding sessions take place in our beautiful office in Berlin, whereby you will meet your new team members and they are able to meet their new colleague in person and experience our team spirit.

What benefits does charles offer?

We are currently reviewing our benefits so please bear with us.

However, we do offer a public transport subsidy for Berlin, Urban Sports Club subsidy, Personal Trainer (on Mondays) - Coach Chris (go check him out Christos Garyfallakis), Virtual Yoga & Meditation and a company team lunch on Thursdays.

Do you offer internships or working student positions?

Yes we do. Our interns and working students undergo the same onboarding and learn a great deal about our product and company during their time.