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Customer retention in 2024 just got a lot easier.
Send targeted, automated WhatsApp campaigns - integrated with your shop and email marketing.

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We help you generate more revenue per customer over time
 through higher retention.

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Why brands struggle to build relationships 

Brands are going through a customer acquisition crisis and it's increasingly difficult to catch and hold people's attention. Customer loyalty is more important than ever, but traditional channels are not doing the job. 

Emails are not opened icon Emails are not being read

Emails are
not being read

Traditional channels like email offer poor customer experience – and increasingly end up in spam.

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App notification are off App notifications <br>are switched off

App notifications
are switched off

On average, people download 0 apps/month. But even if they do, they generally keep notifications turned off.

Ads are expensive and impersonal Adds expensive

Ads are pricy and impersonal

Paid ads cost more €€€ than ever. This is making it increasingly expensive to acquire customers.

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Now for the good news 😅
WhatsApp, with over 2 billion global users, is open for businesses.
By using this hugely popular app, instead of creating your own, it’s easier to get attention, retain customers and generate ongoing revenue.


Every conversation brings you money

WhatsApp offers marketers a simple, immediate way to communicate with customers – and boost revenue and retention.

Open a new revenue stream Open a new revenue stream

Open a new
revenue stream

WhatsApp brings you a large, earned audience to generate more sales. To ensure success, use a WhatsApp marketing platform focused on ROI and GDPR. (Like charles.)

Enjoy greater returns Enjoy greater returns

Enjoy greater

WhatsApp is highly profitable. We see ROCS of up to 10x and more. With ads earning just 2-4x ROAS, many of customers are shifting ad budgets to WhatsApp.

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Create richer brand experiences Create richer brand experiences

Create richer
brand experiences

Quizzes, product finders, games... WhatsApp is rich and interactive. The result is better conversion and retention, and more data for personalized campaigns.

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To get started, you’ll need a WhatsApp marketing platform like charles – with GDPR features, automation and rich analytics built in. Start early in 2024 and enjoy being a step ahead of your competitors 😉

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Why is WhatsApp the best channel for customer retention?

WhatsApp has very high open rates (around 90%). In addition, it allows for highly personalized communication and rich interactivity. All this improves engagement and conversion and makes it a powerful tool for retaining customers and fostering long-term relationships.

Can WhatsApp Business communications be personalized for each customer?

Yes. WhatsApp enables personalized messaging at scale. Its interactive features collect rich customer data to help brands create highly relevant campaigns. Plus, integrations with CRM tools like Klaviyo and shop systems like Shopify enable brands to use data from previous interactions and behavior, enhancing engagement and relevance.

How do I use WhatsApp most efficiently and keep customers' interest without being intrusive?

Our most successful customers use WhatsApp not just for marketing campaigns. They send useful notifications like delivery updates, product tips, special offers and QR-code tickets and vouchers. A rule of thumb is that you solve a pain point of your customer or at least share useful information or deals.

To keep it efficient, set up automated campaigns and flows that run in the background earning you revenue. See more cost-saving tips in WhatsApp.  

Can WhatsApp messages really drive revenue?

Absolutely. The average return on campaign spend (ROCS) for our customers is of 8-10X – far higher than ads and other channels like email. Personalized and timely messages, in an app consumers already love, significantly increase engagement and conversion rates. WhatsApp is increasingly a key tool for retaining happy and loyal customers. 

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