Emarsys WhatsApp integration: how to do it with charles

Emarsys WhatsApp integration: how to do it with charles blog

By Maxine Hess

Writer | WhatsApp marketer | Creative

Posted: April 30, 2024

Updated: May 02, 2024

Use Emarsys? Time to switch on our new, powerful WhatsApp marketing integration for true cross-channel orchestration. Here's why (hint: revenue, relevance, retention, really good CRM).



Enterprise brands need to be able to be there for their customers at the right place, and the right time, with the right message. 


This means having quality integrations between all platforms.


That's why we make sure we offer the comprehensive (and custom) integrations with our WhatsApp marketing software.


Last week, we announced our new service integrations with Zendesk, Gorgias and Freshdesk.


Now, meet our new Emarsys WhatsApp integration




With this new Emarsys integration, Emarsys users (CRM managers, email marketing managers, CRM teams and others) can now instantly benefit from the power of WhatsApp CRM and marketing – directly in the Emarsys platform.  


This integration also enables true cross-channel orchestration.


Because smooth, omnichannel operations are crucial for great customer experiences (being there for them when and how they need you) and efficient working processes (saving time and resource).




Emarsys X charles integrationEmarsys plus charles gives brands an instant, powerful WhatsApp marketing channel – for better performing loyalty programs, presales campaigns, abandon cart reminders and more



This integration eases your entry into WhatsApp, and more importantly brings you big business benefits:

  • Smooth cross-channel orchestration – for amazing CX and efficient workflows
  • No-hassle entry into the exciting world of WhatsApp
  • Data syncing for more powerful and personal campaigns
  • The chance to use the right tool for the right purpose for smoother customer journeys, higher engagement and increased sales

Why a new Emarsys WhatsApp integration? Get more power from your data.

Enterprise marketing blueprint banner thin simple purple

Emarsys is a powerful customer engagement platform

and one used by many enterprise brands.


It's the perfect place for a WhatsApp integration.


First, enterprise brands need to start adding WhatsApp to their marketing and CRM strategies. WhatsApp is no longer new, it's well established and proven, and those who fail to realize this risk losing revenue and customers.


In addition, the data brands have collected about customers in Emarsys – for example through email marketing – is highly valuable. 


We all know that data is key to personalized communication and high engagement and relevance. And first-party data like that held in Emarsys is gold for businesses, especially as cookies will disappear.


WhatsApp is no different. The more you know about your customers, the more relevant your campaigns will be and the more loyalty you can build.


So if a brand wants to start with WhatsApp marketing (which you all should by the way), why not build on the data they already have?


Starting from scratch takes time and effort most brands don't have. 


Plus of course connecting platforms brings an easier life. It unites analytics and flows and customer journeys for starters.


Finally and importantly, our customers were asking for an Emarsys integration. What our customers want, they get :)   


Benefits of our new Emarsys WhatsApp integration

Once you add WhatsApp to Emarsys, here are just some of the business benefits you access:


Open up a new revenue stream

Group 1334681


The charles x Emarsys integration instantly opens up a new, higher performing channel to make sales.


WhatsApp boasts 85-95% open rates, 15-20% click-through rates and excellent retention capabilities.


This leads to ROI of 10-12x on average among the brands that use charles.


Stay profitable, even off-peak

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Sync your Emarsys customer data with charles to fuel your always-on revenue machine.


With automated WhatsApp flows, triggered by Emarsys events, you create a stable revenue stream, even during off-peak times.


typie-the-authorMany brands choose charles WhatsApp integration because of our powerful WhatsApp automation feature, Journeys. Learn about Journeys here.


Grow loyalty with WhatsApp personalization

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These days, customers expect you to know who they are and what they need.


Import Emarsys contact data into charles to create targeted WhatsApp campaigns with a high degree of personalization.


Use cases of WhatsApp and Emarsys integration (with charles) 

Here are the 2 principal use cases of the charles x Emarsys WhatsApp integration:


1. Trigger WhatsApp flows with Emarsys events

Emarsys X charles - trigger


Connect Emarsys Automation Center with charles Journeys for seamless customer journeys. Reach people in the right place at the right time – switching smoothly between email and WhatsApp. 


Why WhatsApp automation?

Our WhatsApp automation feature, Journeys, is beloved among our customers


WhatsApp automation enables you to create entire conversational flows in WhatsApp that run in the background. For example product finders, quizzes, competitions, surveys, even interactive games (like this award-winning one we did for WWF).




WWF game in our journeys featureFlows in Journeys can be as simple or complex as you like. This is the biggest one we ever built for WWF.



And they can help you answer customer questions when you don't have a team member available (for this we also recommend our WhatsApp service integrations).


They're easy to create and once done they're done they earn you revenue year round. 



Check out our recent "Always On" webinar to find out more about how Journeys can become your WhatsApp revenue machine


2. Build targeted WhatsApp audiences with Emarsys data

Emarsys X charles - audiences-1


Use Emarsys customer data to enhance WhatsApp campaign audiences. With the charles integration, you can bring in your data to create granular WhatsApp audiences that achieve consistently high results.


Why do WhatsApp audiences matter?

Because the more relevant your campaign, the more the customer will engage with it and the higher your performance will be.


Granular, high performing audiences also ensure you keep your WhatsApp costs down. You pay a small fee to Meta per conversation, so for ROI, careful targeting is crucial.


As you've spent time gathering valuable first-party data about your customers, here's your chance to use it with even greater results in WhatsApp.


Why use charles' Emarsys WhatsApp integration over others?

There are of course other Emarsys WhatsApp integrations. Why should you choose charles over these?


Start WhatsApp marketing the right way

Choosing charles is choosing to set up the right foundations for the future. We are a leading WhatsApp marketing platform in Europe and are ISO 27001 certified.


We offer a high-quality WhatsApp platform – with rich features, easy-to-use interface, insightful analytics, advanced automation and more – you can depend on far into the future. 


Because WhatsApp is here to stay.


And changing platform later on down the line is could be very disruptive to business – and to your customers.


Ensure high ROI with excellent WhatsApp support


We regularly share our WhatsApp marketing expertise in webinars and events: follow us on WhatsApp to stay up to date (scan QR code below)



Our customer success team is renowned for its passion, friendliness and expertise. By choosing charles, you get access to over 5 years' of WhatsApp marketing knowledge (that's more than most can offer).


Our customers achieve average ROI across these brands of 10-12X ROI, which is far higher than 2-4X ROI expected from ad spend.


We offer training, webinars, a dedicated success manager, proactive creative ideas for seasonal campaigns and much more to ensure your WhatsApp marketing gets better all the time – so you can generate more revenue, more loyalty and get more from our platform.  


Give your customers the best WhatsApp experience 

Your customers love your brand. Keep it this way, even when adding a new channel like WhatsApp.


The charles x Emarsys WhatsApp integration is designed to unite your data, whether email, WhatsApp or ads and use it seamlessly between platforms.


The result is that your customers always feel like you know them and their needs, wherever and however you speak with them.


GDPR compliant badgeAlso, in WhatsApp, as in any channel, it's important to stay GDPR compliant and show respect for privacy and customer data. charles is a GDPR expert, and will advise you on how to be GDPR compliant in your opt-ins, how you manage data, how you handle unsubscribes and more.



How do email x WhatsApp work together?

Email is just one element of Emarsys, but an important one.


How will email handle the arrival of WhatsApp? Will WhatsApp cannibalize email?


The answer is no.


Email still a relevant channel for brands. However, WhatsApp brings a freshness to your CRM and email activities. 



✉️ Email


Most used medium

Highly personalized

Quantity/large audiences

Higher opening rates

Low costs

Ingrained in daily habits

Years of customer data

Interactive formats (for more data)

Email and WhatsApp don't compete – they complement



Integrating email and WhatsApp makes business sense.


We've found that brands who have both email and WhatsApp numbers see up to 25% customer lifetime value (CLV) uplift for those customers. Something clothing brand SNOCKS can attest to.



Email vs WhatsApp marketing: which is better for CRM teams? blog

Email vs WhatsApp: who will win?



Email is not dead.


It just needs WhatsApp at its side to keep it relevant and to take over certain activities – like abandoned carts and delivery updates – that work much better in WhatsApp.


How to integrate Emarsys and WhatsApp (with charles)

The best way to get started is to get in touch with us (mention Emarsys x WhatsApp integration in the form).


This way we can better understand your needs – platforms, size, countries, use cases – and tailor your integration to you.



Integration expert-1


How do you stay GDPR compliant when you add WhatsApp to Emarsys?

We will help you with this every step of the way – from handling permissions to managing data.


The main thing is to have a GDPR-compliant permission. In WhatsApp, this is a double-opt-in flow, where you ask for permission twice to send WhatsApp communication.



Flow chart of a website opt-in welcome message sequence in Charles marketing automation platform, with conditional steps - Whatsapp MarketingAn example of a GDPR-compliant opt-in flow set up in charles Journeys – asking for permission again before sending customers more messages. In this case the brand uses this opt-in as an opportunity to learn about customer preferences



This can easily be set up to be automated in charles Journeys, and permissions collected as tags.


We're GDPR experts in WhatsApp and can always advise you on how to comply. For now, see more about WhatsApp and GDPR here.


Ready to integrate WhatsApp with Emarsys through charles?

charles is an Official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider and Meta Partner and we're ready to help you make more from your Emarsys data.


Talk to us now to get started or ask us how it would work. We can also show you many more use cases of how Emarsys and WhatsApp work together to generate more revenue. 


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