WhatsApp's new terms of service: what you need to know and how it affects WhatsApp Business users [April 2024]

WhatsApp's new terms of service: what you need to know and how it affects WhatsApp Business users [April 2024] blog

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Posted: April 10, 2024

Updated: May 02, 2024

WhatsApp has announced new terms of service from April 11, 2024. What does this mean for you and your business? Read on to understanding the essential updates and how to navigate them.


WhatsApp, the messaging app that connects over 2.78 billion users worldwide, has announced an update to its terms of service and privacy policies for European users.


This change, effective from April 11, 2024, is primarily aimed at complying with the EU's Digital Services Act and the Digital Markets Act.


If you're a WhatsApp user in Europe, here's what these changes mean for you and how it could affect your account.


What are WhatsApp's new terms?

The update is not just a routine policy refresh.


It's a significant move towards greater transparency and user control, influenced by the EU's stringent digital regulations.


WhatsApp's new terms of service will include more detailed information on content moderation, channel recommendations, and the handling of messages.


WhatsApp Messenger logoSee WhatsApp's Q&A on the new terms: We’re updating our Terms of Service and Privacy Policies for users in the European Region, effective 11 April 2024.


One of the most notable changes is the option for users to receive messages from third-party apps, a development that has sparked discussions about data privacy and security.


Meta says: “The end-to-end encrypted promise Meta provides to users requires us to control both the sending and receiving clients. While we have built a secure solution for interoperability that uses the Signal Protocol encryption to protect messages in transit, without ownership of both clients (endpoints) we cannot guarantee what a third-party provider does with sent or received messages, and we therefore cannot make the same promise.”


Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 14.50.55See Meta's full statement here: Making messaging interoperability with third parties safe for users in Europe.


For the younger audience, the minimum age requirement for WhatsApp usage in Europe and the UK will be lowered from 16 to 13 years. This adjustment aligns WhatsApp with other social platforms and WhatsApp's own service in other countries like the U.S. For more on teen safety in WhatsApp, WhatsApp has put together this guide.


Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 14.43.00See more in this article from The Independent in the UK: WhatsApp update makes major changes to its terms and conditions.


What happens if you don't accept?

If European-based users do not accept these new terms by the specified deadline, WhatsApp has indicated that accounts could be blocked or deleted.


This is a standard practice for most online platforms undergoing policy revisions, but it emphasizes the importance of reviewing and understanding the new terms to continue using the app.



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What it means for WhatsApp Business API users

For businesses using the WhatsApp Business API through a platform like charles, these changes could signal an evolution in how you connect with your audience.


The adjustment in terms and services, particularly the integration with third-party apps, offers a new realm of possibilities for personalized customer interactions and service offerings.


We'll keep you posted as to how the new terms develop.



Phone screenshot WhatsApp new terms of serviceThis is how you'll see and accept WhatsApp's new terms in the app (Source: WABetaInfo)



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FAQs about WhatsApp's new terms of service

What are the new terms and conditions for WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is updating its terms of service and privacy policies for European users to comply with the EU's Digital Services Act and the Digital Markets Act. The updates include detailed information on content moderation, recommendations, the integration of third-party app messaging, and a change in the minimum age requirement from 16 to 13 years for users in Europe and the UK.


Users need to accept terms by Wednesday April 11 to continue using the app.

See Meta's statement on the new terms of service here.

Why is WhatsApp introducing new terms of service?

The new terms are being introduced to align WhatsApp’s operations with the EU's Digital Services Act and the Digital Markets Act, aiming to enhance transparency, user privacy, and security. These changes reflect WhatsApp's commitment to offering a secure and compliant platform for its European users.


The same goes for business users. WhatsApp Business (both the app and the API) is constantly changing and improving – with richer features, better automation, segmentation and analytics, and a better user experience.

What’s the Digital Markets Act?

The Digital Markets Act, alongside the Digital Services Act, is part of the EU’s comprehensive set of new rules aimed at regulating digital platforms to ensure they operate fairly, transparently, and in a way that protects user privacy and rights online. It specifically targets large tech companies, ensuring they do not misuse their market power to disadvantage consumers or small businesses.

Should I accept the new WhatsApp terms?

Accepting the new terms is necessary to continue using WhatsApp without interruption. Review the updates carefully to understand how they affect your use of the app, particularly regarding data privacy and third-party integrations.

How do I accept the new WhatsApp terms?

WhatsApp will notify users about the new terms and conditions through a banner at the top of the chat list. To accept, simply tap on the banner, read the updates, and choose the option to accept. You will need to complete this process by Thursday April 11 to avoid disruptions to your service.

What happens if I don’t accept the new WhatsApp terms?

Users who do not accept the new terms by the given deadline risk having their accounts blocked or deleted. This means you might lose access to your chats, contacts, and other data stored in WhatsApp.

Do the new terms affect WhatsApp Business users?

Yes, the new terms also apply to WhatsApp Business users, including those using the WhatsApp Business API. The updates could introduce new opportunities for business communication and customer engagement. Speak with your WhatsApp partner to understand how it will affect your unique requirements.

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